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Published Work

*Indicates co-first authorship

All works have undergone peer-review unless a link to a bioRxiv preprint is provided. 

Additionally, feel free to check out my profiles on Google Scholar and GitHub or download a copy of my full CV. 

24. Sloan DB, Conover JL, Grover CE, Wendel JF, Sharbrough J. Polyploid Plants Take Cytonuclear Perturbations In Stride. Preprint:

23. Conover JL, Grover CE, Sharbrough J, Sloan DB, Peterson DG, Wendel JF. Little Evidence for Homoeologous Gene Conversion and Homoeologous Exchange Events in Gossypium Allopolyploids.  Preprint:

22. Hu G, Grover CE, Vera D, Lung P, Girimurugan S, Miller ER, Conover JL, Ou S, Xiong X, Zhu D, Li D, Gallagher JP, Udall J, Sui X, Zhang J, Bass H, Wendel JF. Evolutionary Dynamics of Chromatin Structure and Duplicate Gene Expression in Diploid and Allopolyploid Cotton. Preprint:

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19. Grover CE*, Forsythe ES*, Sharbrough J, Miller ER, Conover JL, DeTar RA, Chavarro C, Arick II MA, Peterson DG, Leal-Bertioli SCM, Sloan DB, Wendel JF. 2022. Variation in cytonuclear expression accommodation among allopolyploid plants. Genetics. iyac118. DOI:

18. Sharbrough J*, Conover JL*, Fernandes Gyorfy M, Grover CE, Miller ER, Wendel JF, Sloan DB. 2022. Global patterns of subgenome evolution in organelle-targeted genes of six allotetraploid angiosperms. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 39(4): msac074. DOI:

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14. Conover JL, Sharbrough J, Wendel JF. 2021. pSONIC: Ploidy-aware Syntenic Orthologous Networks Identified via Collinearity. G3: Genes | Genomes | Genetics. 11(8): jkab170. DOI:

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1. Sharbrough J, Conover JL, Tate JA, Wendel JF, Sloan DB. 2017. Cytonuclear responses to genome doubling. American Journal of Botany. 104: 1277-80. DOI:

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